reflection week 1

Futures Reflection Week 1:


I found it very interesting how there are two perspectives when thinking about the future: a utopian society or a dystopian society. I’ve always thought of the future as a better place, a nicer environment with less pollution and more technology that benefitted society. But I realize there are many ways the future could be a dystopia, full of negative advances for example robots taking over humans or technology working against our favor. The modules and the exercise in class where we looked at word bubbles helped me understand the general wants and needs people have with hopes and fears. I’m honestly not sure how this might affect my work directly but I think it gives me a more mature understanding of the world and might help me approach my future projects differently. I think the Masdar video was very interesting. I’ve never thought about a perfect ideal city that considered the many aspects of a utopian society. Watching this video is making me consider the perfect ideal solution to each project I do in design. I know there’s not always a perfect solution and maybe it might be too hard to think of one perfect solution, but I think striving to counter every error in a project will benefit the outcome in the long run. Design practice. I believe this unit makes me think about long term vs short term hopes and goals. I will apply what I have learned in future projects and my process. Think about the different options and how it affects every part of my process. I really enjoyed the Masdar stuff. That video was seriously cool. Like a city exists already that is as close to a utopian society??? I mean I know there are flaws in the city, but this city serves as an example to existing cities that such changes can affect the quality of living and the quality of the things we make around us.


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  1. Reflection Week 1

    Designing futures depends on the decisions we make today. There are many unknowns so we must prepare for the worst even if we think we may have another hundred year of resources.

    The different media that was used to portray “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?” allowed different levels of imagination. I learned that restraint between the amount of information whether it is visual or audio can alter the same scenario to make it look a certain way. I learned that we can use that to get a thorough understanding of what a person might imagine the future to be. We can also manipulate what a person might be imagining depending on what we show or don’t show them.

    Although we are not going to make a perfect future the first time we try we must start the trend toward cities such as Masdar. Masdar will probably have some majors flaws but it’s not only environmentally friendly it is human centered, allowing more interactions between people through open walkways throughout the whole city.


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