Judy Brooks



Judy Brooks is Director of Educational Technology & Design for the Eberly Center. Judy consults with faculty on development of technology-enhanced learning (TEL), course design, and teaching. She also contributes to strategic direction and coordination of implementation efforts for Eberly Center TEL initiatives and programs.

Judy directs Eberly Center’s Ed Tech team efforts and resources to support our community’s use of several university educational technologies, including learning management systems (currently, Blackboard). The Ed Tech team also contributes to the investigation, selection, and development of tools and platforms, as well as contributes to the production-level support for faculty building online course content and related learning data management activities.

Judy is an information architect and designer with long experience developing information displays and interactive tools for educational settings. Her information architecture and visual design work is visible in the Open Learning Initiative (OLI), in both the course environment information architecture and template design, as well as the Learning Dashboard. In collaboration with others working on The Simon Initiative, Judy provides design consultation and/or direct support for the ongoing development of TEL tools and environments, including OLI authoring tools and the DataLab.

Judy received her Master of Design from Carnegie Mellon University, School of Design. Her thesis/research focused on the role of wonder (and play) for deep learning in the context of design education, including exposing/comparing expert vs novice design thinking and approaches to solving wicked/complex design problems; and developing a series of scaffolded exercises to be used as learning tools for novices to develop proficiency with expert thinking and methods when engaging in design for wicked problem contexts.